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May 26, 2006

oh so maricel..

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time: 12:01am

mood: tired

listening to: the airplane-like humming of my heater..[ dont ask ]

and so i decided to create a blog. dont even think about questioning the whole 'banana theme' ..i'm totally new to this whole 'wordpress' world..and have attempted starting a blog on msn space.. but that didnt quite work out according to plan..i have realised that i will essentially..spend hours of my life being bored..having a large..endless number of things to do….but never doing it because i'd so rather have meaningless conversations with people who probably dont care about the fact that i have a large number of things to do but never do them coz im so lazy!

argh..what has my life been reduced to?? and you know what..its all ur f&*)@#g fault!


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